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Smart Funding Solutions

This will always help your company more than a one size fits all approach. We know you and your business can’t fit in a box. So we don’t try to put you in one. That is why we offer an array of ... Read More..

Service Excellence

We understand that business owners are busy people. For us, excellent service is not some kind of goal. It is required by each and everyone of the Indigo Network team. Night or day we are here to h... Read More..

Lender Link Program

increase your income and build your product offerings. Indigo Network will help train you and get you on your way to offering full service business to business credit solutions. You will earn high... Read More..


Non-Sexual Touch

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There is more to getting down to “business” than just getting down to “business” (wink wink). At least that is what I have learned over the years. That real love making starts with real love. Real love starts with paying attention without expecting to get anything in return. Business owners and decision makers need to

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Rum, Receivables Financing and a New America

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Factoring has a long and rich tradition, dating back 4,000 years to the days of Hammurabi. Hammurabi was the king of Mesopotamia, which gets credit as the “cradle of civilization.” In addition to many other things, the Mesopotamians first developed writing, put structure into business code and government regulation, and came up with the concept

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The Power Lunch is Back!

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For many business owners lunchtime is prime work time. Meeting new prospects, building the all mighty “book of business”, or just re-connecting with a colleague over a meal can be powerful. Here are a few things to remember. Go to them Go to where the action is. If your lunch guest has an office downtown

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